Bass Fishing Techniques & How To Pick Your Lures

Bass Fishing Techniques & How To Pick Your Lures

It doesn't matter if you a "weekend warrior" or a seasoned tournament angler, as anglers, we're always looking for new tricks to help us fish better. There are many bass fishing techniques that take years of experience on the water to master and conquer which is imperative to bettering your bass fishing game. The largemouth bass is by far the most sought-after fish in the United States. The largemouth bass can be found in virtually every lake in the U.S., but this doesn't mean every time you hit the water you are guaranteed to haul in a "boatload". As a die-hard bass fishing angler, I'm learning new techniques every day and perfecting them.

Bass fishing is more than just tossing out a line and praying that a bass hungry enough swims by and decides to bite your lure, constantly catching these "slobs" is all about perfecting your techniques and constantly adapting to different lakes and habitats. Below are necessary techniques every bass angler should conquer to maximize your chances of landing that coveted trophy bass you desire, and achieving so more periodically.

Flipping For Bass

The flipping technique involves landing your lure in the middle of this cover, using a heavy line fished on a longer rod. Flipping involves engaging the reel, holding the line and successfully dropping your lure into your target thick area. A successful flipping technique can be deadly and enables you to drop your bait right where the big bass are under different conditions.

Practice makes perfect, or close to it and the most efficient way to conquer this technique is practicing around the yard with your flipping rod.

Suggested Flipping Lures: Crayfish and Plastic Worms.

Skipping Lures For Bass

Skipping your bait gets your lure farther back into low hanging cover than the normal presentations. When casting, stop halfway instead of a complete follow-through. This causes the lure to hit the water's surface feet before your target area, causing the lure to skip over the water.

A great way to get under docks, brush, other fishing structures, and is great for shallow water fishing.

Suggested Skipping Baits: Soft Plastic Stick Baits, Jigs and Swim Baits.

Crankbait Techniques For Bass

Crankbaits can be effective all year long and have been proven great when the water is colder, early spring and fall. Fishing with crankbaits isn't as simple as casting and reeling like many think. Attention to detail is key as there are many small techniques that can better your crankbait game.


  • Keep the rod tip at a 45-degree angle towards your target, not 90.
  • Keep your rod tip lower to the water.
  • Know your depth and dive angle.
  • Play it slow.
  • Change up your casting and retrieving action.


Bass Fishing Spinnerbait Techniques

Using a spinnerbait can be a catch 22, while it's harder to hook the fish because of the lure design, it's also harder for the bass to spit it out compared to other bass baits. Spinnerbaits can be used with success year-round on all different lakes and settings. Reeling a spinnerbait from a slow to medium speed seems to work best around cover and vegetation.

Things to consider when selecting which spinner bait.


  • Lure Color
  • Vibration
  • Blade Selection
  • Tandem or Single Pin
  • Weather
  • Fishing Location


Best Bass Lures and Bass Baits

Bass will pretty much go for anything you can find in your tackle arsenal. We've all heard the saying "the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish", and while it doesn't apply to the fly fishing guys, 9 times out of 10 it's true in the bass fishing world. The lures below are time tested and have been producing trophy bass year after year, hence why so many companies are still creating and perfecting these bass lures.



Whether fishing is your passion or your one of the lucky few and it's your job, there is always room for improvement in your angling game. Above all else, especially to those who choose this as their passion, a day on the water sure as hell beats a day in the office. Enjoy your time on the water, and remember that the youth are the ticket to outdoors and conservation, so start them early!