How To Fish Crankbaits For Bass In The Fall

How To Fish Crankbaits For Bass In The Fall

Get the know-how on how to fish crankbaits for bass in the fall and slam the big bass from Fishing Fortress. Crankbaits are hands down, one of the, if not the most used bass fishing lure.

Characteristics Of Custom Crankbaits

Crankbaits come in a variety of different sizes and almost any color you could or couldn’t think of. . . There’s a lot of colors. All crankbaits are not created equal, but they do have quite a few things in common with other crankbaits. Crankbaits all have a lip or bill, the two main types are square bill crankbaits and round bill. The diving depth of crankbaits depends on the size of the crankbaits bill. Small square bill crankbaits will dive in shallower depths, while long bill crankbaits will dive to deeper depths.

How To Fish Crankbaits For Bass In The Fall

Bill shape

The bill shape of a crankbait determines the action, or “wobble” that it will have. Narrow bills provide crankbaits with a tighter and more subtle wobble. Opposite, crankbaits with wide bills will provide more wobble and water displacement, perfect for muddy water bass fishing. Short bill crankbaits will fish shallow waters better as they don’t dive as deep as their counterparts the long bill crankbait.

Crankbait Body Types

Crankbaits bodies don’t just provide a visual for fish, but also have different water displacements, making them appealing to different fish. Wide bodied crankbaits have a more aggressive action, where slender crankbaits have a smaller and tighter swimming action, producing less water displacement. When it comes to “easy to fish lures”, crankbaits take the cake. They are extremely effective given the right situation and the availability of different sizes and patterns make them perfect for fishing for bass in the fall. Crankbaits can be retrieved as simple as casting it out and reeling it straight back in or finessing and twitching your rod every so often on the retrieval.

Crankbait Styles For Fall Bass Fishing

  • Tight Wobble Crankbaits: These crankbaits don’t move as much from side to side.
  • Wide Wobble Crankbaits: Wide wobbling crankbaits have a bigger side to side movement as they cut through the water.
  • Rattling Crankbaits: These rattling crankbaits have rattles inside of them to make noise and attract some bass.

Crankbait Color Choices For Fall Fishing

Crankbaits like other fishing lures are offered in a variety of colors and multi-color patterns. To be an effective crankbait fisherman, knowing which colors to use at the right time and situation will yield huge dividends. Bright and bold colors can be valuable in muddy, dingy water. These colors will be more realistic to fish than smoke, dark green, navy blue and smoke.

Fall Bass Fishing Tip #1: Shad-color crankbaits work great in early to mid-autumn and try a crawfish color crankbait for late fall.

Deep Diving Crankbaits For Fall Bass

When temperatures are still in the 70s and 80s, hit the brush piles hard with deep diving crankbaits. Running close to ledges can prove fruitful in the temps at depths from 11 to 16 feet.

Fall Crankbait Tip #2: Crank the lure down into the piles and work it through slowly as you would a soft plastic.

Shallow Diving Crankbaits For Fall Bass

Shallow diving crankbaits work great in the fall when the temperatures are in the mid-70s to 80s if you are fishing for bass chasing shad in the flats. Bass will typically stay in shallow areas as long as the water stays above 60 degrees. Fall

Crankbait Tip #3: Rocky banks next to flats with logs is an ideal spot to throw square-bill crankbaits for fall bass.

Beating the banks with crankbaits for fall bass is a blast. It is an effective way to fish for fall bass that proves fruitful year after year. Hit the shoreline and pockets in shallow water to get the best results.

Hopefully, by now you know how to fish crankbaits for bass in the fall, and after catching a few lunkers, you’ll realize how effective crankbaits for fall bass can be. Crankbaits work great in the fall, but you can catch fish just about all year long and in a wide variety of situations you find yourself fishing in.