Wakebait Lure

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Custom painted fishing lure from Gill Reaper Lures that the Fishing Fortress can have made in any color that you want. This wake bait can be fished on or just below the surface. It has lifelike actions that cause fish to strike with passion. It might be small but it attracts the attention of the big predators.

This lure is great for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass as well as peacock bass. This bait is great in the early morning or late evening. It can be fished 2 to 3 inches under the surface or on the surface. It comes equipped with 35 LB split rings and size 6 treble hooks. It creates a wake that gets the attention of big fish. 

Gill Reaper Lures Custom Painted Wakebaits

Gill Reaper Lures makes patterns for fishing in any part of the country. Gillreaper lures are also awesome for both freshwater & saltwater fishing. The detail that goes into each handcrafted fishing lure is amazing. Jason makes a wide variety of custom painted lures that will allow an angler to target many species of gamefish.