Custom Soft Plastic Baits

Custom Soft Plastic Baits, Worms, Swimbaits, Craws, Tubes And More. . .

Fishing Fortress is your go-to supplier for custom soft plastic baits that are handmade in the USA and designed with colors that smokescreen into the natural environment. We carry a variety of custom soft plastic swimbaits, worm baits, craw baits, creature baits, jerk baits, lizards, frog baits, tubes and much more. 

Give yourself multiple options on the water with custom soft plastic baits from the best brands in fishing. Whether your tournament pro or pond hopping on the weekend, Fishing Fortress has plenty of different options to keep your tackle box full for any fishing situation where a soft plastic can be used.

Featured Soft Plastic Bait Companies

  • Gill Reaper Lures