Soft Plastic Bass Worms

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These soft plastic worms are 6 inches long they have been injected with a specialized bass scent. Gill Reaper Lures calls this bait a Reaper Stick. This worm can be fished in a variety of patterns. Wacky worm or fish it as you jig it just under the surface. Bass have been known to keep this scented bait for that extra split second to allow for a solid hookset.

Check out the specialized colors: We can the one the "confused color" because it is half Junebug & half Pumpkin!  8 worms per pack. 

Gill Reaper Lures Soft Plastic Bass Lures

Gill Reaper Lures makes patterns for fishing in any part of the country. Gillreaper lures are also awesome for both freshwater & saltwater fishing. The detail that goes into each handcrafted fishing lure is amazing. Jason makes a wide variety of custom painted lures that will allow an angler to target many species of gamefish.