Tungsten Fishing Weights

Fishing weights made of ultratough and super-strong materials like tungsten are great for all bass fishing scenarios. Tungsten fishing weights are high-density weights most commonly fished with flipping jigs and made for drop shotting. Whether you're an avid angler or weekend warrior, tungsten terminal tackle will last through every fishing trip.

Style Specific Tungsten Fishing Weights

There is a big variety of fishing weights, and there are many options depending on the scenario and style of fishing you are looking to do. Tungsten sinker weights are great for fishing rivers or bottom fishing. Drop-shotting is usually thought of as specialized weight for deepwater scenarios, a finesse technique using 4-inch skinny plastic worms that one would resort to only when faced with tough fishing.

Why Tungsten Weights?

Unlike traditional lead fishing weights, tungsten weights are denser which makes them more sensitive and compact. This allows you to feel small changes in bottom composition easier and helps penetrate heavy cover with less of a hassle.