Custom Wood Fishing Lures

Custom wood fishig lures have been in use since the late 1890s and they have a nostalgic sense of quality, purpose, and permanence. The different densities and variation in shapes and size of the wood will allow these fine lures to behave and retrieve in a very unique way. Fishing Fortress offers a variety of handcrafted, custom wood lures from some of the best custom lure makers in the bass fishing industry. All lures sold by Fishing Fortress are handmade wood fishing lures that are proven to catch fish! These baits are carved in the USA by Gill Reaper Lures.

Benefits Of Wood Fishing Lures

  • Wooden fishing lures fished on the bottom can rise upon deflection off rocks and other structure.
  • Wooden lures offer the ability to fish a variety of different techniques.
  • Use a loop knot on monofilament line for the best action when using a topwater lure.
  • Wooden lures hardware hold up well even when pulled free from stumps or brush piles.

Featured Wooden Fishing Lure Brands

  • Gill Reaper Lures

Make your next cast your best with custom wood fishing lures at Fishing Fortress.