Deep Diving Crankbait

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Gill Reaper Lures Deep Diving Crankbaits like to go deep! These deep diving crankbaits deflect high off of cover and swims with an erratic wobble, triggering a strike from bass. Gill Reaper Lures custom painted crankbaits are made to take you to depths other crankbaits won't.  Go deep along the ledges to locate big bass where other crankbaits won't. 

When it's time to reel up some lunkers from the deep depths of your favorite lake, Gill Reaper Lures deep diving crankbaits will help pull up the big girls. Order your custom deep diving crankbait today! 

Gill Reaper Deep Diving Crankbait Specs:

  • Diving Depth: 6 to 8 Feet
  • 35 lbs split rings
  • Size 2 hooks.
  • Hand Painted Crankbait

Gill Reaper Lures Custom Painted Lures

Gill Reaper Lures makes patterns for fishing in any part of the country. Gillreaper lures are also awesome for both freshwater & saltwater fishing. The detail that goes into each handcrafted fishing lure is amazing. Jason makes a wide variety of custom painted lures that will allow an angler to target many species of gamefish.